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Scry Analytics is the winner of the 2022 Best of San Jose Business Awards in Research

Scry Analytics Wins San Jose Business Award in Research

Scry Analytics is the winner of the Best of San Jose 2022 award in the “Research” category. This program celebrates businesses in and around San Jose, California.

My sincere thanks to the research skills, ingenuity and courage shown by Scry employees, who conducted cutting-edge R&D and quickly brought the corresponding solutions to market.

— Dr. Alok Aggarwal, CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Scry Analytics.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 17, 2022 / — Scry Analytics (, an AI-based research and development company, has been selected as the winner of the 2022 Best of San Jose award in the “Research” category. The Best of San Jose Awards program recognizes and celebrates businesses in and around San Jose, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. This award reflects a company’s ability to use best practices and competitive strategies to achieve exceptional success. Additionally, the Best of San Jose Awards program focuses on companies that grow and thrive in difficult economic conditions (such as the Covid-19 pandemic).

In 2014, Scry Analytics (“Scry”) was founded by its CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Alok Aggarwal, who has over three decades of experience as an intelligence researcher and practitioner. artificial (AI). At its core, Scry is an advanced research and development company that uses AI and data science to help customers solve complex and time-consuming problems. Indeed, the “San Jose Award in Research” is a celebration of Scry Analytics’ commitment to innovating in AI and data science and creating the next generation of breakthrough products and solutions.

Over the past eight years, using passion and perseverance, Scry has developed over 140 proprietary AI-based models and algorithms, which incorporate industry and subject matter expertise, and constitute the CognitiveBricks of Scry.® Platform. Not only does Scry continue to improve CognitiveBricks® platform, but it also leverages this platform to build and sell innovative AI-powered enterprise applications, enabling customers to redesign and automate their manual and data-driven business operations.

Currently, Scry’s enterprise application families – mentioned on Scry’s website – include Collatio® (for ingesting, extracting and reconciling unstructured and structured data), Anomalia® (to detect anomalies and potential fraud), Concentio® (to ingest and harmonize IoT data), and Vigilo® (to anticipate operational and marketing risks). In addition, these four product lines have 26 sub-products which achieve more than 90% accuracy and help Scry customers reduce their time and cost by about 80%, which helps them improve quality significantly of their products and services.

Accepting the award, Chief Executive Dr. Alok Aggarwal said, “We are honored and grateful to the San Jose Awards Program Committee for recognizing Scry’s contribution to research and development in artificial intelligence and data science. In addition, my sincere thanks to the research skills, ingenuity and courage shown by Scry’s employees, who not only did cutting-edge research and development, but also quickly brought the corresponding solutions.

Scry’s Head of Digital Transformation, Mr. Srini Bharadwaj, added, “Until now, most companies have not adopted AI due to lack of technical capabilities or return on unproven investment. Through innovation, the Scry team has created simple plug-and-play products and solutions that can be used together to solve complex customer problems, demonstrating ROI in three months and alleviating their expertise needs. technical. And our team will resolutely continue to invent and build pragmatic solutions so our customers can stay ahead of their competition.

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