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EBay’s Terapeak Product Search Now Free

eBay has made its Terapeak product search free for all sellers.

Terapeak offers tools that allow users to research eBay market data to obtain current and historical information on items sold on the site. Sellers can use Terapeak Product Research to optimize the titles, item details, prices, and other elements of their listings. It allows users to search for listings sold beyond the 90-day period available through a standard search.

Terapeak Product Search was previously only available to those who paid for a Terapeak subscription through eBay. Those who paid for subscriptions after April 15 will receive a pro-rated refund to their accounts over the next two weeks.

Users with a Basic or higher Store subscription will still have access to other exclusive tools, including the new Terapeak Sourcing Insights, which eBay highlights as providing users with the ability to:

  • Identify high demand and low supply categories
  • See trends over time and stay ahead of seasonal demand
  • Use sales data to refresh inventory based on what buyers are looking for

Sourcing Insights subscription information is available through eBay Vendor Center and Vendor Center.

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