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CSA Exclusive: Specialty CPG Mark Streamlines Product Testing

Bravo Sierra improves product development with real-time access to field testers.

The company, which serves as non-traditional defense contractor that designs performance consumer products for military and civilian customers, built and launched a social manufacturing platform in partnership with Reaktor. The platform is specifically designed to enable real-time product development iteration based on feedback from field testers.

“Reaktor was already building our consumer-facing Shopify website,” said Benjamin Bernet, co-founder of Bravo Sierra. chain store age in an exclusive interview. We wanted to create a tool that was simple enough to be used by our non-technical employees (marketing and product development) but sophisticated enough to allow us to gather customer information in a meaningful way. »

Bravo Sierra’s product testing group consists of more than 2,000 special operations forces, active duty military and veterans. Members field test Bravo Sierra products in “real world” environments.

Leveraging its social manufacturing platform, the company can match testers with prototypes that best match their specific wants and needs. Testers are encouraged to enter their observations and suggestions on the platform, accessible 24/7, in real time. The platform then uses sentiment analysis to distill incoming feedback, which Bravo Sierra incorporates into its research and development.

“When building a consumer brand and developing consumer products, such as personal care and performance nutrition, the main challenge is getting customer feedback along the way, to ensure that you develop something the market wants and needs,” Bernet explained. “When you’re a small business, most market research tools, such as focus groups and concept usability testing, are prohibitively expensive.”

Instead, Bernet said Bravo Sierra was looking to create a true, real-time consumer feedback tool that would allow the company to iteratively and collaboratively build products.

Bravo Sierra worked with Reaktor to get their social manufacturing platform up and running in 10 weeks. Reaktor designed the platform with built-in automation, so the retailer could quickly grow its organization of field testers, known as the “Battalion,” without increasing administrative support.

According to Bravo Sierra, it has seen a threefold increase in qualified signups and a greater volume of conversations on the platform since the launch of the social manufacturing platform Reaktor.

“The battalion now has 2,500 members,” Bernet said. “We develop all of our products, from personal care for men to energy products for sports, with the community, from the design phase to testing the final product. “The social manufacturing platform built by Reaktor has helped us engage our community in ways we never thought possible: discovering needs, testing products, and evolving the program.”

“The relationship with Bravo Sierra was transparent,” said Ian Fosbery, principal consultant at Reaktor. “We’ve worked on-site to ensure full immersion and information exchange, and our working methods – including daily sharing of new iterations of the platform as well as communicating with the client through potential pitfalls – allowed us to form a deep level of trust.Engaging with Bravo Sierra on a 360-degree approach to brand building, we have created in record time a robust dual purpose platform that is both authentic and holistic – and does a world of good.

Walgreens subsidiary Boots Alliance streamlines product development

No7 Beauty Company, a global beauty company whose parent company is Walgreens Boots Alliance, has also recently been streamlined its product development process. By using Bamboo Rose’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform, No7 Beauty Company aims to enable more efficient product development collaboration between teams and external partners.

By adopting an agile approach to product development and management, the company aims to bring innovative, consumer-driven products to market faster and at lower cost.